General dog owner’s department

*           Training services

*           Advice in selecting a dog

*           Consultation and solution for behavioral problems



There are about 700,000 dogs in Israel. Dogs may be divided into various types by size (toy, small, medium, large or giant) as well as different breeds. Many of the breeds come from various sources around the world.

Dogs in general and pure-bred dogs in particular have different behavioral patterns as well as physical sensitivities. Dogs are social animals that may suffer from behavioral disorders etc. Dogs are domestic animals that have been part of human society since ancient times.


Divisional activities


Training services – Bakeman Uri Co. supplies a diverse variety of dog training services:

  1. Puppy education – before brining a puppy into their home, its owners are taught how to house train it, prevent it from biting people and other pets (if any), the puppy will also be trained not to destroy or damage home furnishings.
  2. Obedience – dogs are trained for basic obedience to its owner following puppy training. The dog learns how to walk beside its owner or in his close vicinity (heel), sit or lie by his owner, do various tricks etc.
  3. Training while boarding – the dog may be placed in the boarding kennel and receive training according to the client’s request.
  4. Professional training services – the dog and its owner receives proper, extensive training for a large variety of tasks at its owner’s request, including special tasks and various tricks.
  5. Training at the client’s home – sometimes the dog needs to be educated and trained in its natural surroundings. This service is



available and particularly suitable for dogs in large families or watchdogs and security dogs as well as being part of the family.


Advice in selecting a dog – selecting a dog is of utmost priority. Before purchasing or receiving a dog one must collect as many details as possible on

its owners (single, couples, families, children etc.). The dog’s gender, type and breed may be adapted to its owners’ character and lifestyle.


Consultation and solution for behavioral problems – dogs are sensitive creatures that sometimes develop behavioral problems that may cause its owners discomfort and difficulties. Dogs sometimes suffer from “separation anxiety” when its owners go on holiday, they may be jealous of a new baby, dogs of particular breeds tend to get uncontrollable fits of rage, dogs may gnaw at its body or lick its foot obsessively, causing physical damage. Mr. Uri Bakeman specialized in this are of dog behavior and can diagnose the problems and find the appropriate solution that enables the owners to keep their beloved pet.

Bakeman Uri Co. also provides practical, successful solutions to incessant barking (annoying owners and neighbors alike) that may cause feuds and culminate in judicial order to dispose of the dog. As sole importer of the American company Innotech, the company supplies a special anti-barking collar that saves many dogs from destruction.