Security Dog Division

*           Escort and personal guard dogs

*           Watch and alert dogs

*           Anti-terrorist dogs

*           Explosives sniffing dogs

*           Minefield clearing dogs

*           Search and rescue dogs

*           Advanced identification equipment Bio-Sense

*           Main distributor – Innotec USA

*           Puppy testing

*           Instruction for dog handlers

*           Counseling in dog behavior problems

*           Dog training and instruction

*           R&D


Security dogs have been assisting military and security forces for decades in various missions. The Security Dogs Division is designed to provide professional solutions to diverse problems involving security and defense. In light of the rising demand from various security systems (in Israel and elsewhere) for an efficient solution, proven in the field, for many scenarios in which dogs have a distinct advantage, our company has risen to the professional and operational challenge and has achieved impressive achievements in this area.

The operational staff is headed by retired police superintendent Mr. Rami Yahav. This team concentrates, commands and supervises all activities in the division including development of warfare doctrine for dog handlers and cooperation with other forces in the field. Based on the extremely extensive experience of professional CEO Mr. Uri Bakeman and the division CEO Mr. Rami Yahav in operational security, the division can fulfill its mission – to provide professional solutions to diverse security and defense challenges.

Fields of activity in the division

Escort and personnel protection dogs – due to the dog’s advantage at alerting and repelling, more and more personnel protection systems are learning to use escort and protection dogs for VIP’s who may be in risky situations, e.g. kidnapping, assault, theft of classified documents, money etc. The escort and protection dog affords the protected person privacy and intimacy both day and night. The dog alerts of any scenario that may place
the person in danger, e.g. attempted break into the house, introduction of gas, shooting etc. The dog is connected to a wireless automatic dialer that dials the security center or any other relevant party in real time upon discovering the threat. Away from the home too, the dog will alert and avert hostile parties awaiting the person and in case of attack the dog protects his man and notifies a human security center of the threat and danger, including precise location. Every personnel escorting and protection dog trained at Bakeman Uri is adapted to the protected person according to housing conditions, type and character of activity, personality etc.


Guard and watch dogs
– defense and sensitive infrastructure installations (power stations, distilleries, arms factories, nuclear reactors, gas and fuel stores, emergency food stores, warehouses with tanks and armored vehicles, tank transporters and transport units, military bases, police stations, radar installations, antennas and transmitters, broadcast towers, jails, sea and air ports etc.) requiring highly professional and fit peripheral security throughout the day and throughout the year. The guard and watch dogs trained at Bakeman Uri undergo dedicated training according to the installation and the type of protection and warning required. Using sophisticated electronics, the dogs convey real information in real time regarding threats and risks to the installation from foreign parties that infiltrate the protected space. A security force, on foot or on vehicles, immediately arrives at the location of the incident to provide the necessary response. The dog detains the foreign party and even if it is hurt (poison dart, bullet etc.) the incident is immediately reported to the control center.


Anti-terrorist dogs – in the framework of active response to terrorist incidents requiring warfare (prevention, locating and capturing suspects, targeted action, detention or overpowering suicide bombers or attackers, hostage situations etc.), the anti-terrorist dog is an integral part of the team of warriors. SWAT units (special police unit) with anti-terrorist dogs have a huge advantage in defense and mainly in attack mode. An anti-terrorist dog detains the suicide bomber at a large distance from the target (following identification by its handler and command given to the dog), is the first to open paths that may be booby trapped, warns of ambushes, diverts the enemy’s attention and so on. Anti-terrorist dogs undergo special diagnosis for their role, including appropriate physical structure and fitness tests.

Sniffer dogs

* One must emphasize no electronic device is able to reach the level of a dog when it comes to various sniffing tasks!

Explosives dogs – the explosives dog undergoes special training including identification of all types of explosive, even in small amounts. The dog learns to communicate with his handler and alert him when he finds explosives. The dog can search and locate explosives from a distance, including inside various objects (storerooms, cases etc.) and on people’s bodies. ABio-Sense system may be installed on the dog’s collar to transmit information in real time when explosives are located and summon the bomb squad and/or other dedicated forces. The explosives dog may be an anti-terrorist dog with additional training in explosives.

Minefield identification and evacuation dogs – the minefield dogs undergo the same training as explosives dogs and also in identification of duds and bomb components including detonators and fuses. The dog scans a field suspected of being a minefield and notifies its handler if it locates explosives or potentially dangerous metal.

Search and rescue dogs – the search and rescue dogs are trained to locate objects of a missing person, the missing person himself, locate an injured person, body parts, assistance in rescue by carrying liquid/food, medical equipment, lighting and prying devices, communications equipment etc. as well as carry the injured person (only in applicable situations).

Dogs to detect explosive